EndNote Online (free version)

Instructions on using the free version of EndNote.

Adding References Manually

This is the most labor-intensive way to enter references into EndNote Online, and it is the most prone to errors. Avoid using it if possible.

From the Collect Tab, click the New Reference link. 

  1. Change the Reference Type by selecting the appropriate type from the Reference Type drop-down list. The page will redisplay with the appropriate fields for that reference type.
  2. Enter the bibliographic data in each of the fields in the reference. Reference fields most commonly required for a properly formatted citation and bibliography are in the Bibliographic fields section.
  3. Check the appropriate group for the new reference.
  4. Click the Save button.


Linking PDFs to References

You can attach a PDF (or other file) to a reference in EndNote Online.

  1. In the My References Tab, click the paper clip icon at the bottom of the reference to which you would like to attach a file.
  2. Click the option for Attach a File. You can also attach figures using the icon to the right of the paperclip icon.

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