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Pride Month 2024

by Lara Gamboa on 2024-06-07T08:30:00-10:00 | 0 Comments

Holiday Closures: 

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - King Kamehameha I Day

As June unfolds, we enter Pride Month to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community's journey toward equality and acceptance. Let us embrace diversity and reflect on the importance of inclusivity.

Creating an Inclusive Space: Libraries are more than just shelves of books; they are vibrant hubs of learning and community. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in our space, no matter who they are. Everyone deserves a place to relax, learn, and do their things without worries. 

Supporting LGBTQ+ Health: Recognizing the unique healthcare needs of LGBTQ+ individuals is crucial for providing equitable care. Research highlights disparities in health outcomes, from mental health issues to accessing healthcare services. Below, we have resources for UH students, faculty, and staff, as well as for our future providers.

As we celebrate Pride Month, let's reaffirm our commitment to fostering LGBTQ+ health and inclusivity in medicine. Let's honor diversity, advocate for equality, and create a compassionate healthcare environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Happy Pride Month!

For UH students, faculty, and staff:

For future providers:

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