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Resource Spotlight: APA PsycINFO

by Lara Gamboa on 2023-05-24T08:00:00-10:00 | 0 Comments

Access to reliable and up-to-date research is crucial for faculty and students. The American Psychological Association's PsycINFO database is a valuable tool that provides many scholarly articles, journals, books, and other resources. While PubMed is a favorite go-to, APA PsycINFO may have articles that are not accessible via PubMed. As it is also Mental Health Awareness Month, APA PsycINFO is an excellent database for researching mental health and other psychology-related topics. 

UHM/JABSOM faculty, staff, and students have access to APA PsycINFO. Remember, to avoid paywalls, access the database through our library's website under Quick Links, or you can search under All Databases.

You can also find training resources about the APA Databases (not just PsycINFO) through the APA Publishing Training YouTube page.

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What is APA PsycINFO?

APA PsycINFO is a leading research database that offers access to an extensive collection of scholarly literature in psychology and related disciplines. It is maintained by the American Psychological Association (APA), ensuring the highest quality of resources for academic use.

Comprehensive Coverage:

One of the key advantages of APA PsycINFO is its comprehensive coverage of psychological literature. It encompasses many subfields, including clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and more. The database also includes interdisciplinary content, making it relevant to researchers from various disciplines.

Access to Peer-Reviewed Journals:

APA PsycINFO provides a wealth of peer-reviewed journals, the gold standard in academic research. These journals publish original research studies, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and theoretical papers, allowing faculty and students to stay updated on the latest advancements in their areas of interest.

Advanced Search Capabilities:

The database's advanced search features enable users to refine their searches effectively. Users can narrow their results by using keywords, author names, publication dates, and filters. This allows researchers to locate specific articles, explore recent publications, or discover trends in research.

Citation Tracking and Export: 

APA PsycINFO simplifies the process of tracking and exporting citations. Faculty and students can effortlessly gather references in APA style, making it convenient to cite sources in their research papers, theses, and dissertations. The database also supports citation management software, allowing users to organize and store references for future use easily.

Thesaurus and Subject Headings:

APA PsycINFO provides a comprehensive thesaurus and standardized subject headings to enhance search precision. This feature assists users in locating relevant articles by using controlled vocabulary. It ensures that researchers find all the relevant literature about their specific topics, even if different terminology is used.

Alerting and Notifications:

APA PsycINFO offers email alerts and notifications to inform users about new research publications within their areas of interest. Users can stay updated on the latest research trends and receive alerts about relevant studies that can enrich their research projects. 

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