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Extreme Guide Makeover: MS1 and MS2 LI Resources

by KJ Hillgren on 2020-11-20T11:00:00-10:00 in Research Guides | Comments

One of the (many) things that has changed this school year is the work that our Learning Resource Center students are doing for you!

In 2019, LRC students helped us host our in-person orientation and ran an in-person workshop on Anki and LIs (in addition to maintaining the LRC upstairs). This year...we're not doing anything of that. They're still maintaining the physical space and, yes, refilling the printer/copier,scanner. But everything else has moved online. One of the things that we decided to turn over to them is one of our most-used and least-user-friendly guides for MS1s and MS2s.

And y''s awesome.

We could not do better if we tried, and we have tried. Please enjoy the new layout, the suggested resources, the breakdown of textbooks. It's beautiful and we don't say that about just any online guide.

If you have questions about the LRC space, if the printer is out of ink, or if you just want to make suggestions for what kind of snacks we'd buy for you in a perfect world, email:

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