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Colandr for Systematic Reviews

Using the systematic review tool for title and abstract screening, full-text article screening, and data extraction


The planning stage is commonly known as protocol development. The protocol describes the intended goals, rationale for such, and methods to complete the review. Visit PRISMA for more information. Planning is one of the most important steps and as such, Colandr provides a robust planning platform to be shared among review collaborators. Please note that this space must be filled out to ensure the full functionality of Colandr.


The objective should be guided by the overall research question and the type of review planned. For example, a scoping review of culturally adapted interventions for a certain population might have an objective to summarize and synthesize available evidence.



PICO stands for Population, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome. Fill in the PICO spaces according to your research question. Colandr does not utilize other search term mnemonics (e.g., PCC, SPIDER, COSMIN.)


Research Questions

First, click Add Question and then, Save. Once the question field is saved, enter the research question in the space provided and click Save again. Use the Add Question button to add additional research questions.

research question

Search Terms

This section is reserved for search strings. Search terms must be filled out for highlighting and relevance functions to work.

search terms

Selection Criteria

Input all exclusion rules for screening out articles. To learn more about inclusion and exclusion criteria, please visit Wikipedia.

selection criteria

Data Extraction

Piloting your data extraction form before starting a review is highly recommended. Labels and descriptions can only be added linearly and cannot be reordered. To reorder fields, please delete fields and re-enter them.

data extraction

data extraction

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