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Colandr for Systematic Reviews

Using the systematic review tool for title and abstract screening, full-text article screening, and data extraction

Create an account

Before using Colandr, all collaborators need to sign up for individual accounts. To sign up, click Sign Up in the Colandr sign in box.

colandr sign in/sign up

Create a review

  1. To create a new review, select New Review.
  2. Give the review a name.
  3. Provide a description of the review. (Both name and description are required fields.)
  4. Click Create.

create review

review name description

Change review settings

Click Settings to

  • Add other reviewers or collaborators via email, all of whom must create an account. Also, the review owner can be set here. Only the owner can make changes to Settings and Planning stages.
  • Adjust the number of screeners in the Abstract and Full-text stages to two or more. Note the default is set to one reviewer.
  • Freeze the review to prevent further changes.
  • Delete the review.

colandr settings

colandr settings details

Monitor review progress

In Colandr, there are four stages of review.

  1. Planning: the staging place for the review, similar to protocol development. This is where objectives, research questions, PICO, search terms, selection or exclusion criteria, and data extraction forms are listed. Note: this must be filled out for full functionality.

  2. Citation Screening: the first stage where machine learning is activated. Based on the search terms entered in the Planning stage, keywords will be highlighted in the citations, and citations can be ranked by relevance. This will help facilitate faster screening. citation screening

  3. Full-text Screening: the stage to upload full-text article PDF files of the included citations. Uploading the PDFs now will be useful for when it is time to perform data extraction. (Note: there are no batch upload capabilities.) full-text screening

  4. Data Extraction: the final stage where machine learning processes can assist in the review. The text from full-text article PDF files can be machine-read and analyzed to assist in the data extraction process. data extraction

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