How to download, set up, and use the free citation management software, Zotero

Creating a bibliography using the Zotero Word or OpenOffice plug-in

  • If you have downloaded Zotero to work with Chrome or Safari, you have also downloaded the Word plug-in. To install it, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Cite and choose "Install Word Add-On."
  • If you are using Zotero with Firefox, the Word plug-in can be downloaded here.
  • Restart Word or Open Office, and the Zotero toolbar should appear:

The buttons, from left to right, do the following:

  • Insert a citation
  • Edit a citation
  • Insert a bibliography
  • Edit a bibliography
  • Refresh the document
  • Change document preferences
  • Remove field code (don't do this unless you're absolutely sure you don't need to make any more changes to your document!) 
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