How to download, set-up and use the free citation management software, Zotero

Adding as you browse

As you browse the web, the Zotero browser tool will be checking to see if there is citation information on a page. If it finds something it can 'grab,' it will indicate this with an icon in the URL bar.

If you're looking at a book you'll see this icon:                     


If you're looking at a journal article you'll see this icon:         


If you're looking at a newspaper article you'll see this icon:    


Clicking the Zotero icon will add the citation to your Zotero library:


If you're looking at multiple citations (for instance, for a page of search results), you'll see this folder icon:

Selecting the folder will bring up a lightbox. Choose whichever results you want to add to your library:

References will be added to whichever folder is highlighted in your Zotero library. They will also appear in your My Library list:

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