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Researcher Workbench Tools

Researcher Workbench Tools

The powerful tools provided in the Researcher Workbench promote collaboration and support data analysis. This page provides more information about the tools listed below.


Workspaces are project-specific spaces that feature a description of the project and offer a space for collaboration with other registered researchers. Data can be accessed, stored, and analyzed in workspaces. This video offers a preview to workspaces.


Notebooks provide researchers with an integrated, cloud-based Jupyter Notebook environment to perform queries and analyses using R or Python. A preview of Notebooks is shown in this video.

Dataset Builder

The Dataset Builder is used for pre-populated analyses and dataset previews by allowing researchers to save collections of health information called concept sets. The Dataset Builder is previewed in this video.

Cohort Builder

The Cohort Builder allows researchers to easily create, review, and annotate groups of participant data. A preview of the Cohort Builder tool is shown here.

User Support Hub

The User Support Hub offers resources and demonstrations about using the Researcher Workbench. It includes training materials, FAQs, video tutorials, guides, and a designated help desk to assist researchers.

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