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All of Us Researcher Workbench

For more answers from All of Us visit the Research Program FAQ page.

What is the cost of using the All of Us Researcher Workbench?

It is free for researchers to register with the All of Us Research Program. However, computational costs for data storage and analyses through Google Cloud Platform will be incurred. Each registered Researcher Workbench user is provided an initial $300 credit. After using the initial credits, researchers can link billing accounts to their Researcher Workbench account.

What is the makeup of the All of Us dataset?

The goal of All of Us is to create a dataset of 1 million or more participants reflecting the diversity of America. The participant community will not be a representative sample of U.S. citizens, however, as the program is open to all and participants are not recruited via probability sampling.

How is the All of Us data relevant to those interested in researching people in Hawaiʻi?
As of September 2023, approximately 400 participants from Hawaiʻi have completed the initial steps of the program, according to the Data Snapshot tool. More participants will be added in the future as more partnering medical sites are added.

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