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Citation Tips:

Citation Tips


When I cite a DVD, do I include it in my reference list?


Remember all retrievable information should be part of the reference list including all media formats such as DVD, video, and audio.

Audio/Video/DVD Media

Audio/Video/DVD Media:

When citing media the place of the author may be held by the host and the place of the publisher may be held by the distributor.

Basic format

  • Author (if available)
  • Title (italicized)
  • Format (description of media is put in [ ] - e.g. [videotape])
  • Publisher or distributor
  • Year


Gray D. Condition red: prepared for disaster [DVD]. Advantage Source, Inc; 2003

Transcript of Television or Radio Broadcasts:


The historic Texas draught, visualized.[transcript]. Morning Edition. National Public Radio. April 2, 2012


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