OME Fellows: Medical Education Research Guide

Resources for searching for topics relevant to medical education

What's in this Guide?

This guide is an introduction to library services and resources for your fellowship. It will tell you how to get started, how to search, and where to find specific information for your research. Follow the outline to the left. The tabs cover library resources and services, PubMed's search features, other resources, and using Endnote, Zotero and other bibliographic software to manage references.

Link to presentation

Link to Zotero Worksheet for Mac

Link to Zotero Worksheet for PC

Goals & Objectives

Topics we will cover and desired outcome:

  • Overview of library services & resources - Identify additional resources and services available for your research

  • Review of PubMed - Use PubMed advanced features to search effectively

  • Exploration of resources beyond PubMed - Find alternative databases for information (e.g., Web of Science)

  • Intro to citation management software - Learn some of the differences between the various softwares to determine what best suits your needs

Getting started with the UH network

You can access your account through the MyUH Portal with your username and password.

Note, you will be asked to authenticate with your UH login when accessing resources from your device.

You can register your device with ITS Wireless Passthrough service to avoid having to login each time.

See the ITS Wireless Passthrough web site to add a MAC address passthrough for your device.

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