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Background Information/Expert Opinion


Databases - Research Literature

Search PubMed MEDLINE for Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), Cohort Studies and Case-Controlled Studies

Click on link to PubMed from the Library and click on "Clinical Queries" under "PubMed Tools" (middle column) OR go to "Advanced Search" and under "More Resources" at the end of the page, click on "Clinical Queries."

May search by categories such as Therapy, Diagnosis, and Prognosis and limit to broad or narrow.  Narrow produces the best evidence.

Please ask librarians for assistance:  808-692-0810 or

Databases- Critically Appraised Topics

The following databases are searchable by subject and includes critically appraised topics.

Databases - Critically Appraised Individual Articles

Rational Clinical Examination Series from JAMA

Articles from this series cannot be easily searched in PubMed as the words "Rational Clinical Examination" are not indexed.  It is best to use Google Scholar and do the following search: 

"rational clinical examination" jama

Quotes are used to force Google Scholar to search the words as a phrase.

Also be sure to search Google Scholar via the Library's link for access to the full text articles.  It is not perfect but most of the series can be identified that way.

Tutorials & Guides

The following resources provide health information on a variety of health topics in many languages.

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