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Loansome Doc

Document Ordering from PubMed

Loansome Doc is a document ordering feature of PubMed Medline that enables you to order articles directly from a Medline literature search. All JABSOM students and employees, UH Mānoa affiliated students and employees, unaffiliated healthcare providers, and members of the public are eligible to participate. UH Mānoa affiliates may also request items free of charge from UHM Hamilton Library’s Interlibrary Loan service.

Two-Step Registration

Participation in Loansome Doc requires a simple two-step registration process with the JABSOM Health Sciences Library and the National Library of Medicine.

    1. Print out and complete HSLib’s Registration Form (in PDF) and submit it to us by mail, fax, or drop it off at the library. We will review your application and e-mail you a confirmation. You should receive your confirmation within 24 hours of your request, Monday through Friday.
    2. After you receive your confirmation from the Health Sciences Library, create your personal account with the National Library of Medicine and create your own login and password for signing in to the Loansome Doc system.

Screenshot of Loansome Doc Webpage

To select HSLib as your supplying library scroll to the bottom of the page of Hawai‘i libraries and select University of Hawai‘i John Burns School of Medicine which comes last in the alphabetical list.

On the page explaining the terms, check the box indicating that you have read and understand the policies and prices set out in HSLib’s registration form. After completing and verifying the information, you may begin to submit your article requests through PubMed.

Ordering Documents through PubMed’s Loansome Doc Service

Perform a Medline subject search by going to the PubMed Homepage. UH Mānoa affiliated users should use HSLib’s PubMed MEDLINE with fulltext links by entering from the Library’s Homepage first and then clicking on the PubMed MedLINE link on the left column.

If you already have a citation, use Medline’s Single Citation Matcher and fill in the parts of the citation you know. Usually 3 parts are enough to identify the citation.

Select the articles you want to order by clicking the boxes next to the citation numbers and use the “Send to” drop down box to select “Order”. Then click on the “Order articles” button.

Screenshot of PubMed Webpage

Your requests will come directly to the the Library if you have identified HSLib as your supplying library. HSLib will either fill the request from the journals in the Library’s collections or refer it to another library and then, forward it to you. Turn around time averages one to two business days, depending on the time of day you submit the request. Two to four hour rush service is available for an additional $10 charge, but exact turnaround time will vary depending on the time of day you submit your request and the response time of the lending library if your request is referred. Please call 808-692-0810 to inform the Library of a rush request as well as submitting it through Loansome Doc.

Loansome Doc patrons will be invoiced monthly at the following rates:

Articles available at HSLib Articles NOT available at HSLib
JABSOM & other UH Mānoa Affiliated Patrons $5.00 $11.00
Other healthcare providers & community members $11.00 $22.00

4-HOUR RUSH charge: $10.00 surcharge. Please call to confirm: 808-692-0810

For more information about registering or using the Loansome Doc service, please call 808-692-0810 or e-mail the Library at: