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Ensuring equal access to information, technology, and public services like healthcare requires proactive planning and design. Ensuring fair treatment of people with disabilities requires an awareness of disability rights and a foundational understanding of their obstacles. In the medical field, as advocates of health and wellness, awareness of these issues is especially crucial.

This guide aims to direct medical students and healthcare professionals to information that will help them serve people with disabilities. In this guide, you will find information concerning disability in medical curricula, health care initiatives, and accessibility for various forms of disability.

You can learn more about people with disabilities and their health care experiences with the presentation below from Dr. Lisa I. Iezzoni, an internationally recognized expert in assessing healthcare quality, experiences, and outcomes for people with disabilities.

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Thank you

Special thanks goes to JABSOM medical student, Arcelita Imasa for expressing the need for this resource and for her assistance in compiling resources. Special thanks also goes to professor emeritus, Dr. Ronald Amundson for his presentation to JABSOM students on Disability Rights along with his assistance in sharing his valuable resources.

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