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Monographs, Journals, Reports, Videos, Dictionaries, etc.

Resources Description
University of Hawaii Libraries Online Catalog For search strategy: combine topic with hawaiian?
Update on Kanaka Maoli (Indigenous Hawaiian) Health by Kekuni Blaisdell, MD
Native Hawaiian Health Database Not being maintained since 2005
Hawaiian Dictionaries
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Resources Description
Hulili Multidisciplinary research on Hawaiian well-being from Kamehameha Schools. Table of contents available online.
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Journal Articles

Resources Description

Database from the National Library of Medicine for health/medical research articles for the most comprehensive search.

Search strategy--to find all articles in the database related to Hawaii:

  • include hawaii* (Note asterisk is truncation symbol for PubMed)
  • combine those results with subject of interest
  • example hawaii* AND hypertension
    For Hawaiians only
  • search "hawaiian* OR hawaii/ethnology
  • combine results with subject of interest
  • example: (hawaiian* OR hawaii/ethnology) AND hypertension
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Other Databases

NOTE: combine hawaiian with the appropriate truncation symbol and subject of interest
Resources Description
ABI-Inform Global Business aspects of health, search strategy: hawaiian* AND (health OR medicine OR medical)
Academic Search Premier Search strategy: hawaiian* AND (health OR medic*)
Hawaii Pacific Journal Index Search strategy: hawaiian? and subject of interest
ISI Web of Science Search strategy: hawaiian* AND (health OR medic*)
PsycINFO, Sociofile, Social Services Abstracts Search strategy: search simultaneously by changing subject area to "social sciences"; search hawaiian*[keywords] and (health or medic*) [keywords]
ScienceDirect Search strategy: hawaiian* and (health or medic*)
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Resources Description
Aloha Counts: Census 2000 Special Tabulations for Native Hawaiians By island from Kamehameha Schools
Asian and Pacific Islander Populations U.S. Census (scroll down the page)
Demography and Well-Being, etc. Reports from Kamehameha Schools, Policy Analysis & System Evaluation  
Hawaii Department of Health  
Hawaii Health Survey Disease data by ethnicity
Toward a Healthy Hawaii 2010 Report By Hawaii Outcomes Institute
Native Hawaiian Databook: 1998, 2002, 2006 Office of Hawaiian Affairs: includes section on health data
Native Hawaiian Health From Papa Ola Lokahi
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Tables From the Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2004/2005 Gives user an idea of tables to check in current Statistical Abstracts for this kind of data
Primary Care Needs Assessment Databook 2001 Prepared by State of Hawaii Dept. of Health, Family Health Services Division--includes comparative health statistics on 28 primary service areas (communities) in the State of Hawaii. See Library Stacks: Ref W 84.4 AH3 P9525 2001
FastStats Search strategy: Search for state-related information from National Center for Health Statistics
Women's Health Statistics (National Women's Health Information Center) Click on Minority Health
Please see Statistical Sources page on this website for more links  
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Resources Description


Cancer, Racial/Ethnic Patterns 1988-1992 From the National Cancer Institute
SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975-2006 Search strategy: search and limit to Asian/Pacific Islander
Hawaii Data From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders & Cancer pdf From Intercultural Cancer Council


Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and Diabetes From the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse


HIV/AIDS Asians and Pacific Islanders Links from CDC National Prevention Information Network
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Grant Information

Resources Description
Crisp Database This database is being discontinued effective 11/1/09 and replaced by NIH RePORTER.
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