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Reader’s Review

Welcome to our first Reader’s Review! This review was written by Arcy Imasa, a 4th-year medical student, for the book, Healthcare Hawaii Style: model for the nation? How the Aloha State leads the way toward universal health care.


“I am glad I checked out this book this past summer. In the book, Dr. Tabrah chronicles his years of experience in rural Hawaii as a plantation doctor. Through his sharing of experiences, the reader gets a general view of how universal health care is delivered to a population via a system called plantation medicine. I think Dr. Tabrah’s book is important for other medical students to read because he shares his knowledge of the rich culture and history of the people of Hawaii before the intrusions of the private insurance system and gives a glimpse into the reasons why Hawaii leads the nation in providing health care to its population. But, with the continuously changing sociopolitical landscape of the country and increasingly complex challenges in healthcare, I wonder if Hawaii will heed Dr. Tabrah’s proposals so it can continue to lead the nation.”

Discover this book and more by following the link below to the complete citation below:

Tabrah, F.L., 2007. Healthcare Hawaii style : model for the nation? : how the Aloha State leads the way toward universal health care, United States]: F.L. Tabrah.


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