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Q. Who can use the library?

A. Everyone is welcome to visit the library to access resources, which include print as well as electronic materials. Computer stations are also available for researching health-related topics only; however, members of the public are asked to limit their computer time to one half hour per day (policy subject to change) and to yield to medical students and faculty who want to use these computers. Members of the public may not borrow books. Use of the computer lab, group study rooms, and the quiet reading room is restricted to JABSOM affiliates only. Reference librarians and library staff are available weekdays during business hours to help you locate specific information and explain how to access the materials.

Q. What are your hours?

A. Generally, the library is staffed and open to the public Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. The library is closed to the public and unstaffed on the weekends and State holidays. The library, which includes the Computer Lab, the main reading room, and the stacks, is open to JABSOM students and faculty as long as the Medical Education Building (MEB) is open. Reference librarians are available to assist you weekdays during business hours only.

Library Materials

Q. How do I get started?

A. Ask for Help

Whether you are designing a research project or merely want to find a particular book or specific piece of information, the staff at the Health Sciences Library are available to assist you during regular staffed hours.

E-mail us via our web form or via E-mail
Phone: 808-692-0810 (During business hours only)

Individualized Research Assistance

The path of a research project is rarely a straight line. It is usually circuitous and frequently frustrating. Because the steps of the process often depend on what has come before, it often involves re-evaluation, revision, and starting over. Some backtracking is to be expected, but a reference librarian may be able to help you spare some valuable time. To make an appointment for a research consultation, please call 808-692-0810 and ask to speak to a reference librarian.

PubMed Assistance

PubMed is the user interface for National Library of Medicine’s Medline, the world’s largest biomedical database. It includes over 24 million citations from 5,600 biomedical journal titles and life sciences journals from 1946 to the present. Familiarity with PubMed’s search features is essential to the success of any biomedical research project, and learning how to use it skillfully is time well spent for students as well as healthcare professionals.

      PubMed QuickTours (Tutorials require

Macromedia Flash Player

Q. How can I tell if you have a particular journal title?

A. To find specific journal titles on the library shelves (print journals), search the Voyager Library Catalog. Journals are shelved by title via alphabetical order in the library’s journal stacks. To find electronic journals, check the Electronic Resources A-Z List webpage. Be sure to be on the “Find E-journal” tab. E-books can also be searched from this list but click on the “Find E-book” tab instead. (To access the A-Z List from the library’s overall Web site, look for the “E-journals” link located on the left-side navigation column.)

Q. How can I get a copy of a specific journal article?

A. If you need to find journal articles on specific subjects or by particular authors, you will need to perform a database search. For example:

  1. Click on the PubMed Medline button from our homepage.(Note: Doing so will direct you into our proxy server)Pubmed link from Homepage
  2. Type subjects (in this case drug approval AND guidelines) into the search box.
  3. Change the display to Abstract to see the library icons.
    Selecting Abstract view in Pubmed
  4. Click on the UHM Libraries-Online icon to bring up the full-text article.
    UHM Libraries Online button

University of Hawaii at Manoa Libraries Print format available button
This button means that the article is in a print journal at UH Mānoa’s Hamilton Library.

Health Sciences Library print version available in the library button
This button means that the article is in a print journal at the Health Sciences Library.

Find it button
Use this button to locate articles online or in the library and to initiate an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for articles not available at UH Mānoa libraries.

Example of a publisher's button
This button is an example of a publisher’s icon which takes you to the full text of the article at the publisher’s web site. It is NOT free unless it says “free full text”.

For more detailed instructions and online demos on how to search PubMed, refer to PubMed’s Help webpage.

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Q. How can I find the full name of a biomedical journal if I only know an abbreviation?

A. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Click on the Journals in PubMed.
    2. Type the journal’s abbreviation into the Search box.

Searching PubMed using a journal title's abbreviation

    1. Select the correct complete title and use the LINKS feature to send it to PubMed.
    2. A list of citations from that journal will appear, with the most current articles listed first.
    3. Note the list of other suggested titles.

PubMed results showing Links hotlink

Q. Can I check a journal out?

A. None of the bound or unbound journals may be checked out, but photocopy machines are available for your use in the library.

Q. How can I tell if you have a specific book?

A. From the HSLib home page, click on Voyager Library Catalog. HSLib’s print books, as well as some electronic books, are included in Voyager. Note: The library’s location is listed as “UHM: School of Medicine” and holdings are at the bottom of the display.

For medical students, the E-Books link on the left-side navigation on the library’s home page offers a comprehensive list of HSLib’s electronic books. For complete access to all of the Library’s e-books, use the library’s A-Z list. Be sure to click on the E-Book tab prior to searching.
Voyager Library Catalog and eBooks links

Q. Do you take book donations?

A. Generally, we will accept books published within the last 5 years, with the understanding that if we do not add them to the collection, we may dispose of them as we see fit. Please email us using our Web form with a list of the titles or subject areas and include approximate publication dates and an estimate of quantity if contacting us online. Please do not drop off materials unless given prior approval by library staff.


Q. Where are you located?

A. The Health Sciences Library is part of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s John A. Burns School of Medicine. We are located on the first floor of the Medical Education Building (MEB) at 651 Ilalo Street near Kaka‘ako’s Waterfront Park area of Honolulu. (See Google Map)

Q. What about parking?

A. See maps, directions and detailed parking information.

Q. Where are your public restrooms located?

A. Library users may access the School’s restrooms which are located in the MEB lobby, near the Security Desk. There are no restrooms in the library itself.

Q. Can I reserve one of the library’s group study rooms?

A. Group study rooms are intended for the use of JABSOM students, faculty and staff and may be reserved for PBL tutorials and other medical school-related meetings. Please read the library’s complete Group Study Room Policy for details. To reserve, please call the Information Services Desk at 808-692-0810 or email us using our Web form.

Q. Can I reserve the library’s quiet reading room?

A. Yes, if you are a JABSOM student or staff member and have a group of six (6) or more. To reserve, please call the Information Services Desk at 808-692-0810 or email us using our Web form.

Q. Where is the medical bookstore?

A. The University of Hawai‘i Bookstores closed the Medical Bookstore located on the grounds of the John A. Burns School of Medicine in the Spring of 2014. JABSOM students and faculty may purchase books, supplies, and emblematic apparel and gift items at the University of Hawai‘i flagship location on the Manoa campus at 2465 Campus Road. General hours of operation are Mondays to Fridays and half-day on Saturdays. Call 808-956-9645 for details or visit the Manoa Bookstore website.


Q. How can I obtain books or journal articles not available in the UH system libraries?

A. Hamilton Library’s Interlibrary Loan Service offers UH Mānoa affiliates free interlibrary loan service for books, book chapters and journal articles. After checking the Voyager catalog to verify that the item is not held by any UH system library, go to Hamilton Library’s home page, click on Loans from Other Libraries on the right hand-side navigation, then choose Interlibrary Loan Services and follow the instructions to complete and submit the form.

Hamilton Library homepage

To request a copy of an article from a database search such as PubMed, click on the Find it button on the search results page to check library holdings.

PubMed webpage illustrating Find it button

If a search of the Library Catalog (Step 2) determines that the article is not available in print, click on the ILL link to generate a form that has been pre-populated with the article’s bibliographic information.

search results page for ILL

Follow the instructions on the next screen and submit your request to the ILL Department. The article will be emailed to you. Since Hamilton Library subsidizes this expensive service, please be sure that the material requested is critical to your work.

The Health Sciences Library also offers a fee-based photocopy request service for photocopies of journal articles or book chapters whether or not they are owned by the Health Sciences Library.

Another option is HSLib’s fee-based Loansome Doc service which provides copies of articles found in Medline whether or not they are owned by the Library.

Q. Can I have books and journal articles sent to me from other UH System libraries?

A. Yes, you may initiate a Patron Placed Hold for books or an IntraSystem Article Request (ISAR) for journal articles through the Voyager Online Catalog. If you find an item in Voyager that is held at another UH System Library, but not at HSLib, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Get This Item” in the blue box on the upper right side of the page.
  2. Log in with your UH Number and last name or UH username and password (same as for UH email).
  3. If you want a book transferred to HSLib (or any other UH library), click on “Hold or transfer this item”
  4. Then, select what library you want the book sent to.

You will be notified by email when your book arrives at the pick up library, usually within 3-7 days.

OR if you want an article scanned and emailed to you:

  1. Click on “JABSOM Fac/Student/Staff Article Request”.
  2. Fill in the article citation information.
  3. Put your email in the comment field and any other comments as necesary.

The article will be emailed to you within 1-5 days.

Q. Can I access the electronic resources on your web site from home?

A. Yes, but only if you have a UH Username and password (same as your email address) and are in the library’s database as a UH Manoa-affiliated student, faculty or staff member. Physicians in UH’s residency programs are considered faculty/staff and receive full electronic access privileges. You can request a UH Username from the UH ITS Web site. If you have any questions about accessing HSLib’s electronic resources, please call the Information Services Desk at 808-692-0810 or email us.

Q. What kind of identification do I need to check out a book?

A. A valid UH ID from any of the UH System campuses is preferable, but not required. If you have a photo ID and are in the library database, we can verify your UH number. Members of the community are not permitted to check books out.

Q. I’m a UH faculty member (or staff member or resident physician). Can I get remote access to your electronic resources?

A. Yes, you can access the library’s electronic resources from your home or office if you have a UH Username and password, are affiliated with UH Mānoa, and are in the library’s database. To get a UH Username, you will need to first receive a UH number from your department’s fiscal or personnel officer. Then, you can request a UH Username from the UH ITS Web site.

Q. Is the library a wireless zone?

A. Yes, a wireless connection is available throughout the Library for UH Mānoa affiliates.

Refer to the information on the Library’s Wireless Network Connection webapge.